• How children feel when journalists exploit their social media profiles

    26th December 2016
  • Companies wrestle with new era of negative online reviews and spiky consumers

    15th December 2016
  • Woman says social media crucial in fight against cancer

    19th October 2016
  • Digital junk: food and beverage marketing on Facebook

    28th December 2016
  • Is social media the weak link in the fight against cyber attacks?

    15th December 2016
  • Kids and media – not such a bad thing

    23rd December 2016
  • WhatsApp: a great idea for mates but a terrible one for ministers

    13th January 2017
  • How social media is changing the church

    19th October 2016
  • ‘Sexting’ teens: decriminalising young people’s sexual practices

    23rd December 2016
  • Google is now involved with healthcare data – is that a good thing?

    2nd February 2017
  • Forget WhatsApp: Here’s the Top 5 secure messengers. The privacy options of #1 blew our mind!

    24th November 2016

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