• National launch of Zulka,The Free Messenger That Gives Back To You

    6th March 2017
  • Studying society via social media is not so simple

    22nd December 2016
  • What if Google bought Twitter?

    25th January 2017
  • How social media helped save a life.

    20th November 2016
  • Woman says social media crucial in fight against cancer

    19th October 2016
  • Does quitting social media makes you happy? Yes say young people.

    28th November 2016
  • Digital junk: food and beverage marketing on Facebook

    28th December 2016
  • Spying on your kid’s phone with Teensafe will only undermine trust

    2nd January 2017
  • Popular friends on social media can help save you from disasters

    31st January 2017
  • Social Media Changed My Life and Helps Me To Help Others

    21st November 2016
  • How social media is changing the church

    19th October 2016
  • 3 Ways Messaging Will Transform Marketing

    16th October 2016
  • Five years after the Arab Spring, how does the Middle East use social media?

    24th January 2017
  • There’s now a ‘Rich Kids’ social media app and it costs $1,000 a month

    20th October 2016

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