• Feeling so emotional: why we rage about religion on Facebook

    10th January 2017
  • Blocking kids from social media won’t solve the problem of cyberbullying

    19th October 2016
  • For the first generation to grow up on Facebook, online identities hold both promise and pitfall

    16th December 2016
  • How your friends affect your health

    29th December 2016
  • Why is Brazil trying to block WhatsApp?

    12th January 2017
  • Is social media messing with children’s morals?

    19th October 2016
  • Why Facebook needs to do more to protect you from online abuse

    23rd January 2017
  • How social media stars are fighting for the Left

    1st March 2017
  • Social media shots affect body image because we only show our best side

    18th December 2016
  • Why aren’t we using Google+?

    14th January 2017

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