• Facebook use and risky sex in Swaziland: unpacking the relationship

    14th December 2016
  • There’s now a ‘Rich Kids’ social media app and it costs $1,000 a month

    20th October 2016
  • Euro 2016 sponsors being ambushed on social media by ‘unofficial’ brands

    31st December 2016
  • There really is a link between your Facebook posts and your personality

    19th December 2016
  • 5 Ways Social Media Is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

    25th November 2016
  • 3 Ways Messaging Will Transform Marketing

    16th October 2016
  • The promising role of social media in preventing HIV

    28th November 2016
  • ‘Social media capital’ brews with hatred between us and them

    30th December 2016
  • Digital junk: food and beverage marketing on Facebook

    28th December 2016
  • Disappearing votes: why investors should steer clear of Snapchat’s dual-class shares

    25th January 2017
  • Candidates control their own social media. What message are they sending?

    8th December 2016
  • Companies wrestle with new era of negative online reviews and spiky consumers

    15th December 2016
  • Security Experts Offer Tips To Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

    17th October 2016
  • Social Media Plays a Big Role in Long-Distance Relationships

    24th November 2016

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