• Fast food companies use social networking sites to target children

    8th December 2016
  • WhatsApp: a great idea for mates but a terrible one for ministers

    13th January 2017
  • There really is a link between your Facebook posts and your personality

    19th December 2016
  • How social media is changing the church

    19th October 2016
  • Can you sue if someone posts an unflattering photo of you on social media?

    8th December 2016
  • Move over Dr Google, the future of health is social

    21st December 2016
  • Nerve: a flawed but insightful film about the perils of social media

    20th October 2016
  • The good and bad of social video broadcasting. Social media enters a new phase

    30th January 2017
  • How Twitter can see the financial future – and change it

    16th January 2017
  • Some doctor-patient social media relationships are NSFW

    23rd December 2016
  • Social media shots affect body image because we only show our best side

    18th December 2016
  • 3 Ways Messaging Will Transform Marketing

    16th October 2016
  • Is social media the weak link in the fight against cyber attacks?

    15th December 2016
  • Social media can assure in times of disaster – much like radio in the 1920s

    24th October 2016

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