17th October 2016
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No other messenger has ever cared for it’s users like this!

n-gage Champions Program

As soon as Facebook announced its acquisition of WhatsApp, the rival messenger applications too sprung into action and announced that the profits they were making had literally doubled Y-o-Y. Whether Facebook paid a premium price for Whatsapp or not is immaterial. Let’s keep that aside for a second and think about how much revenue is generated every year with the help of the users, like you and me.

“LINE” a rival app of WhatsApp announced its profits had grown by more than 100% in the past year and it was aiming to keep this momentum up. The major revenue came from advertisements, in app purchases and digital content which it broadcasts via its platform.

The global reach of the applications and the market penetration for mobiles has led to immense growth of all these companies. Asian markets are emerging markets and the concentrated efforts of these apps in these markets have helped generate huge numbers.

The only question all this doesn’t answer is, “What do the users get in return?” Yes, we get to use the platform and send messages, but that is just one aspect. The users are the ones who have contributed in the success of the app and they are the ones who have done the marketing of the product. It is very well known that WhatsApp has got huge advantage from word of mouth marketing.

n-gage is the application which has taken up the mantle of giving the users something back in return for their contribution towards the success of the application. It has started the n-gage champions program, which helps users have a share in the company in return for marketing and using the application. Isn’t that cool?

The idea is to make the users feel connected and a part of the broader picture. This is certainly one thing which should have been thought by other messengers, but they didn’t and n-gage has made this a part of their process and ensured users get what they deserve.

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