Last month, the world kicked off about the fact that WhatsApp announced its intentions to share your data with Facebook.

And now people are furious again, this time about emojis. A new update on the messaging app has seen emojis balloon in size. They’re far less subtle.

It’s like they’ve been living on a diet of fried chicken. Exclusively. For several years.

The move – which makes emojis appear similarly to on Facebook messenger – has been accused of making users look “too interested” in conversations.

It’s fair enough. They do look worse.


One angry Whatsapper tweeted her frustration.

She said: “No, whatsapp. I don’t want the emoji to look so big, and I don’t want to use so many emojis. Stop making me look interested in the convo.”

Another added: “The new emoji style on Whatsapp is hideous.”

But while many have called for a return of mini emojis, users haven’t been as annoyed with other additions to the service.

In a Snapchat-style move, users will also now be able to doodle on images and add emojis before sending them.

This is thanks to the new editing tools that pop up when you go to send a pic. Text can also be added and various fonts can be used to decorate your image.

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