There’s finally a place where you can post your photos of private jets, supercars and wads of cash.

It’s a new social network called Rich Kids, and it gives wealthy youngsters a chance to brag about their fortune.

rich kids social network

Rich Kids’ website describes the app as ‘the world’s most exclusive social network’, and they’re probably right.

Unsurprisingly, if you do fancy becoming a member of the pretentious club, it doesn’t come cheap.

Users will be charged a fee of €1000 (£810) per month to post pictures of themselves sipping from oversized champagne bottles while lounging in daddy’s pool.

rich kids social network

The website states ‘being rich is boring when nobody sees you’ which rivals ‘YOLO’ as the worst life motto anyone has ever come up with.

And in case you were weighing up joining but aren’t sure you can afford it, Rich Kids has some advice: ‘If it’s too much for you, it’s not for you.’


You can download the app (for free, bargain) – and anyone is able to sign up.

But you can only post pictures of your lavish lifestyle if you pay the monthly fee – and if you’re not super rich, all you can do is watch enviously.

The website states: ‘Everyone can have an account on Instagram, but only really rich can afford their profile here, keeping Rich Kids exclusive.

‘You will gain new followers that could never find you among the millions of users on Instagram. Enjoy the exclusive attention you deserve.’

rich kids social network

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