“Life is all about ups and downs”, if experience has taught us anything it has to be this. We are all part of the world in a big way and in a small way at the same time. Nature plays its games and we stand testimony to the ever changing world.

One such incident that I unfortunately was a part off was the disaster that struck Uttarakhand (India). A major landslide shook the valley in the wee hours of an ill fated morning. There was water gushing in from almost every direction possible and we were stuck in our hotels. My entire family was there and we could literally feel the earth shaking by the very force of water. Thanks to the help from some good Samaritans, we escaped unhurt.

Once we got to a safe place we could see that there were hundreds of people helping thousands who were injured or stuck, with more help continuously pouring in all the time. I couldn’t help but wonder the pace at which help arrived. “This is the power of social media”, my dad had answered all the questions that were written in bold on my face.

How often do we get to see so such coordinated rescue work? People from different strata of the society coming together and providing support to their fellow countrymen. Yes, we were helpless in front of Mother Nature’s fury, but we hadn’t lost. Within hours of the news going online, various departments of the government and NGO’s alike, came on the scene and began rescue operations.

Telephone lines were dead but some towers were working. We immediately informed our relatives that we were safe. To avoid any sort of misunderstanding, I made sure I marked myself and my family safe on social media as well. Social media played a very important role that day and I feel obligated to mention this. I don’t know about myself, but I am extremely sure that it helped, save hundreds of other lives.

If someone needed a particular group of blood, it was put on social media and within minutes we received hundreds of responses. Someone found a lost child, put it on social media and within hours he was united with his mother. These instances might not look significant today, but on that day they seemed like an impossible task. It is the power of social media that has made lot of things possible. Imagine this kind of disaster happening a decade ago and you will probably understand what I am trying to highlight.

These little things are what make social media a boon to the society. Yes, it has its own disadvantages, but I have witnessed the miracles it can perform and I am ever so grateful to the people who have invented social media. Today, everything that is happening around the globe can be found on the tip of your fingers. Information availability is not a luxury anymore; it is the truth of the twenty first century. As far as I am concerned, social media not only saves time, but it also saves lives.

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