The Hike blog states “Today is a super exciting day for us and our community. We’re launching free Video Calls on Hike!”

It’s about time, all the top messaging apps like n-gage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have been doing video calls for ages!

Starting today, users on the Hike Android App will be able to start a 1–1 video call with their friends with the tap of a single button… Unless the person they are trying to call in on iOS then you can’t because Hike hasn’t managed to do that yet…  Good work guys.

While India is quickly moving to 4G, Hike have built their Video Calls to work in challenging network conditions as well, including reliable 2G networks, except when we tested and couldn’t even get the call to connect on Wi-Fi!

Live Previews

Hike also seems ‘super excited’ about showing who is calling before you answer the call (Basically, you can look at what the caller’s camera is streaming before you decide to answer.)… I think Hike might be living in some kind of different universe because n-gage has been doing that on their video calls for at least the past 3 months, it’s nothing new!

The blog also announces that:

“We’ve packaged the experience in a simple and beautiful interface”

Then they use the following photo with the title “Call-in progress”… More like “We found some stock imagery and want you to think that your calls will be this clear”

Trust me, they won’t be…


Whilst it is great that users (On Android) can now make video calls with Hike; The company really does need to get more innovative and ahead of the curve instead of waiting for everyone else to come up with ideas and then implement them after all the buzz has died down.

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