Fans are still in the shadows when it comes to the F1 legend’s health condition, but the long awaited updates may finally be released soon following the launch of his official social media accounts. The Michael Schumacher latest news says the Instagram and Facebook page for the ailing racer have gone live on Sunday.

 The Local has it that Schumacher’s PR team has established the new accounts exactly 22 years since he won his first of seven F1 titles on November 13, 1994, and became Germany’s first Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion at the Australian Grand Prix. Sabine Kehm, the former racing champ’s manager, is looking after the accounts.

“Welcome to Michael’s paddock,” is the greeting visitors will find on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the German racer. “This page will be our meeting place to collect and exchange memories and to celebrate Michael’s many achievements, established as a thank you gesture to all you wonderful fans,” the page’s administrators wrote in a post.

While the accounts’ purpose are solely for sharing Schumacher’s notable moments in his career, fans are hoping they could also be portals for news about his health. As previously noted, his condition has been shrouded in mystery since his skiing accident in 2013. The majority of Michael Schumacher updates online, if not hearsays, are too vague to confirm his real status.

To date, there still isn’t much known about his condition —whether he’s already stable or not. His family is still adamant on taking his convalescence in private. But his fans see the Michael Schumacher latest news as a hint of his full recovery, especially after his former coach, Ross Brawn, revealed a few days ago that there are “encouraging signs” with regards to Schumacher’s health.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, Michael Schumacher’s Facebook page has already earned over 1.4 million fans while his Instagram account has more than 85.9kfollowers. A Twitter account for the F1 legend is reportedly also set to launch soon.

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