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A French couple who were separated from their eight-month-old baby during the chaos of the Bastille Day attack in Nice were reunited in the early hours of Friday morning after a social-media-spurred search.

Around 1 a.m. local time, Rebecca Boulanger posted about the attack on Facebook. “We are safe,” she wrote in English, but added that “in the rush of things with shots being fired some friends of our friends lost their baby boy.”

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Her friend Yohlaine Ramasitera posted a photo of herself with the baby, and listed her phone number and instructions to call her if he was spotted

Boulanger and Ramasitera also contacted several news organizations to try to get the word out.

Tiava Banner, identified by The Independent as the baby’s aunt, shared a cropped version of the same photo, which circulated over 22,000 times.

Shortly after the picture started to circulate, Boulanger updated the post to say the boy had been found.

A woman took him in to keep him safe, she wrote, and the family had been contacted with the news that their baby was all right.

Later, Boulanger updated the post again to say that the boy had been reunited with his family.

“BABY IS SAFE WITH HIS FAMILY !” she wrote. “THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers !!! and also thank you to all those who shared the posts !!”

Some news outlets incorrectly identified Ramasitera as the baby’s mother because of the photo she posted with him, but Boulanger clarified that the baby boy’s parents are friends of theirs.

The baby’s parents have not been identified, but Boulanger described them in French as “a super couple” who are “great parents.”

In a Facebook post, Banner thanked a woman named Catherine Pruen “for having the impulse to keep the baby safe,” she wrote in French. She also thanked a woman named Joy Ruez.

Banner said she would not respond to any requests for interviews, as other family members are still in the hospital.

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