Men have splashed out on thousands of presents for Lucy, 28, Sophie, 26 and Stacie Brooks, 25, after viewing their photos.

The sisters, from St Albans, Hertfordshire, have had designer handbags, shoes, iPads, flowers and gift cards totalling £15,000 from strangers fuelling the ‘rinsing craze’ that is sweeping the country.

Rather than giving the girls a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’ online admirers can express their devotion by visiting the girls’ Amazon wish list and buy any number of gifts already chosen by the sisters. even meeting the women they look at online.

The girls, who run a hair and beauty salon, insist they are doing nothing wrong – despite both mother-of-one Lucy and mother-of-two Stacie having boyfriends.

Group of friends in swimsuits taking a selfie on beach

Lucy, who boasts more than 95,000 followers on Twitter, said: ”It all started quite innocently. Someone sent a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume.

”Then more men asked if they could treat me. Some asked if I had a wishlist on Amazon. I thought, ‘why not?’ I won’t lie, I want a nice life.”

Pouty selfies and shots of the sisters at their salon opening in 2013 sent a flurry of admiration their way.

Lucy said: “Everyone commented on how alike we were, our big, blue eyes. It wasn’t just me. They wanted to buy my sisters presents too.”

Online fans soon asked if they could shower them with gifts but the sisters’ popularity came with a price – with one overzealous fan being handed a restraining order for harassing them.

Sophie said: “It was really quite scary. We all blocked him on Twitter, but he made other accounts to contact us on.

“Then he rang Lucy to say he was in St Albans and was coming to the salon. We had to get the police involved and he got a restraining order.”

So what do the men get in return? An occasional phone call and nothing more, says Lucy.

She said: “Some want to chat. I flirt, but there is a line they can’t cross.

“I never give the impression we’ll do anything but talk. I spoke to one man after his wife had died.“He said I helped him through a tough time. He insisted on buying Vivienne ­Westwood bags and shoes. It made him feel good.”Piercing blue eyes and photos of the sisters clad in skimpy wear are just two of the reasons men lavish gifts on them but what keep’s them coming back is the sisters’ loyalty to their fans, according to Lucy.She said: “We know how lucky we are. What girl doesn’t love to be spoiled?“Some people might criticise us, but if someone sent them a beautiful new pair of shoes, would they return them? I doubt it.“If men want to treat us, who are we to argue?”


THE SISTERS’ GIFTS SO FAR •Computers £4,500•Dining table £400•Antique mirror £700•iPads £2,100•Photography gear £2,000

•Perfume £5,000

•Shoes £5,000

•Handbags £3,000

•Gift cards £15,000

•TVs £800


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