CHENNAI (INDIA): Social networking platforms are increasingly becoming popular source of information for vehicle buying, a study says.

According to JD Power India Sales Satisfaction Index 2016, the usage of internet for information regarding purchase of new vehicles has increased to 34% in 2016, from 28% in 2015.

While 24% of customers refer some form of  social media to gather information ahead of purchase of new vehicle, the study said 18% indicate posting their “purchase experience” online.

It also said, 37% of customers have experienced problems with selection of models, while 17% said they faced pressure from the dealer, where the purchase was made.

 As many as 44% customers choose the dealer based upon reputation and operational effectiveness, the study said, adding “68% of customers who are highly satisfied say they would recommend the dealer to family and friends.”
round 64% of highly satisfied customers said they would buy their next vehicle from the same dealership where they earlier made the purchase.
Buy new vehicle only after gathering information through the internet. Do not buy just because of the dealer or family/friends have recommended.Latest comment by Gilson Dcruz

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Among automobile manufacturers, Japanese car maker Toyota Motor ranked first in terms of sales satisfaction.
“It performs particularly well in the delivery process factor. Another Japanese auto maker Nissan was ranked second in salesperson factor while Honda, Hyundai and Mahindra were ranked third,” it said.

 This years Sales Satisfaction Index is based on evaluations from 7,604 original owners who purchased new vehicles between September 2015 and April 2016 in 30 cities across the country, it added.

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