Want to see how fellow math teachers are engaging their students in math to learn a couple of new techniques for yourself? There’s a hashtag for that!

Simply use Twitter to search for the #PascoMath hashtag and let the collaboration begin.

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According to WFLA.com, Pasco County teachers are using social media to connect and collaborate this school year.

Brian Dean, the man responsible for overseeing Teaching and Learning of 6-12 mathematics for the county is currently “encouraging 6-12th grade teachers to tweet photos, videos, or questions to one another using that hashtag. Doing so allows for an open and streamlined collaboration of ideas – what’s working, or not working – for teachers using the same lesson plans.”

This makes it a great tool for teachers not only in Pasco County, but for teachers across the country looking to innovative their curriculum and maybe even add some members to their Professional Learning Community.


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The community in Pasco County is getting behind the idea, too.

“To encourage teachers to share ideas using #PascoMath, the Pasco Education Foundation has provided grant money for five weeks’ worth of gift cards to popular coffee shops. Each week, two participating teachers will be rewarded,” WFLA.com said.

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