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INDIA: CONGRESS party and Minister Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account hacked. | |

A day after Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was hacked, it is now the Congress Party’s turn. The official twitter account handle ‘@INCIndia’ was hacked today morning and abusive tweets were posted. “Corrupt party trying to **** around with innocent hackers, you think you are cool bro?!”

Here’s what the hackers said today about that on the Congress party’s Twitter page.

And there’s more, much of it abusive.

A day prior to this the Twitter account of the Vice President of INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS PARTY with handle @OfficeOfRG was hacked in the evening and multiple abusive tweets were posted on its timeline. Eight tweets were posted in quick succession and referred to “my corrupt and f&?% family”.

One of the tweet was directed at Rahul Gandhi’s opposition to the Center’s demonetization move and another took swipes at various scandals under the UPA government. At one point, his handle name was changed to “Office of Retard Gan”. One of tweets hinted that the ones behind the hack could be a group as they referred themselves to as the “legion”. They also threatened to “unleash” personal data if they were “f*****” with.

The tweets were deleted, but new ones came up immediately.

Congress said the hacking exposed the vulnerability of cyber security and digital platforms. It also said it’s an eye opener for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The party had filed a complaint with the cyber cell of Delhi Police on Wednesday night after Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account was hacked.

But by then the damage had been done and social media users had a mixed reaction to the hacking of Gandhi’s Twitter account.

While some believed that it was done by someone from within the Congress party to sabotage the demonetization drive, others felt that Gandhi and the party were a victim of cyber hacking.

Cyber attack under magnifying glass on a laptop, white background

Although the matter is grave and the Delhi police will probe the entire issue, a few people saw the lighter side of things and posted some hilarious one-liners on the micro blogging site.

This all clearly indicates that how Social media can lead to many issues without being biased to VIP’s. Such issues have been observed again and again and leads to the negative impact of social media.






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