Zulka has been a revolutionary app not just for its extremely good features but also because it has affected so many people around India. Every week there is one winner who wins a prize money of Rs 50,000 and other 45000 prizes the user can win. Our Rs 50,000 winner, Varun Kumar said, ‘I will use the prize money for the down payment of my new house.’ This is just one of the many people who have downloaded Zulka and soon realized it has now changed their lives. The more you keep using Zulka, the more chances you get to earn cash by just doing a few activities.  SK Jamiruddin, another 50,000 winner said, ‘I will use this money to pay my college fees and the remaining money for my further studies’.  


Installments, school fees and other expenses need to be paid. Most of the times it is not possible for people to earn enough though the job they are doing. So, Zulka is giving an opportunity to millions of people in small villages and towns to make extra money every week. In today’s age, almost everyone now owns a smartphone and can easily download an app. We often look around to every situation to save as much money as we can. Here is an app that is giving out money for doing things you are already doing. We seem to be searching for a gold coin when an entire gold well lies in front of us. Zulka has been benefitting students who have pay loans, senior citizens who have now retired and so many people in paying monthly instalments.


This is not just a one in a lifetime opportunity. You can keep winning money every week and increasing your pile of cash by just using an app.’I have won Rs 50000,500,100 and 10  every week’,  said Shubham Kedia, who has won cash prizes more than once. These are just few among the thousand people who grabbed the opportunity at hand and made money without any inconvenience.This money has been used by them for paying college fees, paying off EMIs, buying new goods etc. Easing out financial stress in an easy way. If you are looking out for something that is engaging and rewarding, download the Zulka app.


The prize-winning messenger app has a hoard of features and prizes to offer. The advent of social media monitoring has created a sense of fear among people and this problem is being solved by the app. It offers over 13 privacy features to protect data and make the messaging experience fearless. Retract, is one among those features, that lets you erase your message after you have sent it to someone. Remote working among creative millennials in today’s generation has increased and thus the need for protection of confidential messages has also increased. Zulka promises completely safety.


Apart from safety and fun messaging options, it gives out cash worth Rs 7 Lakhs every week to lucky winners. For every friend you invite on the app, you earn 25 tickets that go into lucky draw every friday. Inviting friends is just one of the many things you can do to collect tickets. The app has a dedicated space called ‘How to earn tickets’ that lets you know how you can keep collecting tickets and be a winner.

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