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  • 8th February 2017

    Social Media Security

    As well as individuals, companies large and small can be the victims of lax social media security. Accounts have been hacked, changed and used to spread political and scatological messages. Brands have been besmirched, and customers and prospects lost. While large international corporations and other major players may be able...

  • 6th February 2017

    Faceless Facebook reps help bereaved families Look Back

    Facebook’s Community Operations team has announced it is changing the privacy settings on accounts for deceased users to reflect the settings they chose in life. Before the new policy, Facebook automatically set accounts to “friends only” after a user died, meaning that only those directly connected to them in life...

  • 2nd February 2017

    Facebook is work, you just don’t know it yet

    Social media presents many challenges for the world of work. One is the potential for employees’ online comments when off-duty to become a fertile source of evidence for allegations of misconduct and grounds for dismissal. Social media blurs the boundaries between work and non-work, and the public and private lives...

  • 23rd January 2017

    A thin blue line: how Facebook deals with controversial content

    Stories of Facebook allowing beheading videos but removing breastfeeding images, and then reversing the decision to allow graphic violence after public uproar, has led many to question how Facebook should treat controversial content. Australian users, for example, were enraged by Facebook’s initial refusal to take down an Aboriginal Memes page...

  • 23rd January 2017

    Why Facebook needs to do more to protect you from online abuse

    It took some persuading, but Facebook has agreed to join an international social media task force to help combat online hate in the wake of anti-refugee xenophobia on its pages. It’s a good outcome for the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, who last week called...

  • 17th January 2017

    Social media and the law are striking back at revenge porn

    How would you feel if someone posted nude or explicit photos of you online? How about if they were posted by a former partner following a separation? Most people would be understandably mortified. Few, if any, other form of privacy violations can be as hurtful and embarrassing as “revenge porn”....

  • 13th January 2017

    WhatsApp: a great idea for mates but a terrible one for ministers

    Cyber security experts have raised concerns about Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and senior government ministers sending private and confidential information via the messaging service WhatsApp. WhatsApp and similar messaging apps are great for normal day-to-day communication between friends, but using it to discuss matters of national security is certainly a...

  • 12th January 2017

    Why is Brazil trying to block WhatsApp?

    The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban the popular messaging application WhatsApp. A well-known and strict judge in a regional area of Brazil issued a court order banning WhatsApp for 72 hours in the...

  • 12th January 2017

    Hide your location on Twitter? We can still find you and that’s not a bad thing in an emergency

    Of the millions of Twitter users, there are about 98% who want to hide their location. So they switch off the function that publicly displays the location of any tweet. There could be many reasons why people don’t want their location to be broadcast to the world, but privacy is...

  • 2nd January 2017

    Spying on your kid’s phone with Teensafe will only undermine trust

    There is a growing market in software that can be used by parents to track their child’s mobile phone and internet activity. The Teensafe app, recently launched in Australia, is one such app that has prompted renewed debate around issues such as children’s privacy and parental rights and responsibilities. The...

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